nclamp: Camera, Speedlight and Scope Mount

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nclamp: Camera Mount clamp

nclamp: Camera Mount clamp

With our nclamp camera mount, you'll clamp and stabilize your camera, video camera, scope and similarly threaded optical devices in seconds — no tripod required.

The nclamp camera mount is compatible with all cameras, speedlights and optical devices having a standard 1/4"-20 tripod screw.

nclamp: Camera Mount clamp

The combination of a PONY spring clamp and a RAM Mounts ball-and-socket system give you unparalleled versatility and strength. The nclamp camera mount can hold up to 3 lbs. (1.4 kg) of weight, easily managing SLR's and consumer digital video cameras just as well as compact digital cameras.

nclamp: Camera Mount clamp

The nclamp camera mount's ball-and-socket head, manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems, includes two anodized aluminum balls and a composite coupler. The coupler has a large handle which can be loosened for positioning your camera, and tightened with a single hand. This head assembly is tough as nails, easily capable of supporting the weight of your cameras and optical equipment.

Pony 3202 Adjustable Clamp Company

The nclamp camera mount's PONY spring clamp is constructed of a nickel-plated steel. Its jaws are capable of opening up to 2" (5.1 cm) wide and tightly clamping down to any surface. The PONY's trademark orange tips protect and grip the surfaces that it is clamped on to, and the orange handles make the clamp easier to squeeze open with a single hand. Competitive products offer off-market clamps made of imported steel — cheaply constructed imitations of the classic PONY clamp used in our nclamp products.

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video camera clamping mount

nclamp binocular mount

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Your nclamp arrives fully assembled, with free premium-grade accessories.

With each nclamp product, we add our own hardware and gear to improve performance. With the nclamp camera mount, we add an EPDM rubber bushing on the RAM Mounts 1/4"-20 threaded stud to ensure a snug fit with your camera while protecting it from unnecessary scratches.

nclamp: nylon coated bungee tether and steel breech clip

We also add a marine-grade nylon-coated bungee tether and a 2" plated-steel breech clip (shown here) giving you the option to secure your nclamp to any fixed eyelet in the event that the unit is bumped or jarred. This flexible tether is provided to minimize any risk of damage to your valuable devices.

nclamp clamping camera mount specifications     

nclamp NCL-1450A Camera Mount

The nclamp NCL-1450A ships completely assembled.

RAM Mount Components (included)

1) Camera Adaptor
RAM 1" BALL W/ 1/4"-20 ALUM. STUD
Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Material: High Strength Composite

3) RAM 1" BALL W/ 1/4"-20 ALUM. STUD
Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Adjustable Clamp Components (included)
PONY Spring Clamp
Material: nickel-plated tempered steel

Accessories (included)
Camera Bushing: 1/4" EPDM Rubber
Jam Nut: 1/4" aluminum
Lock Washer: 1/4" aluminum
Threadlocker: Locktite®
Bungee Tether: saltwater-resistant nylon coated
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Loop: marine-grade stainless steel

nclamp clamping camera mount specifications

Optional Accessories

Camera/Video Wide Base Adaptor and Pad
Part #KLA-5018
Material: High-Strength Composite, Steel
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